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How to transfer jde object form old as/400 to new as/400 with no error?

Hi ,
we are ready to move to new big as/400. How to transfer jde object form old as/400 to new as/400 with no error?
Can someone give me suggstion?
yang da yong


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I just finished setting up a second AS400 Server for a client using the following process:

1. Perform a complete backup for both AS/400 servers.

Prior to performing a backup ensure that the "Server" data source master (B733MAP/F98611) has been set up so that the Database Name (OMDATB) is equal to the Data Source Name (OMDATP), modify if necessary (This will allow JDBNET batch processing between both servers).

a. Go to menu GH9011 select "Work with Servers". "FIND" and highlight SvrNbrOne. From menu bar select ROW, Server Data Sources.
b. Add a data source entry for SVRNBRTWO and SvrNbrTwo - Server Map to both Server and Workstation (GH9011 Database Data Sources) data source master tables.

Add a relational database entry to SVRNBRTWO where RDB is equal to the local host name, CMD: ADDRDBDIR RDB(SVRNBRTWO) RMTLOCNAME(*LOCAL)

Modify TCP host table entry for SVRNBRTWO.
a. From SVRNBRTWO, CMD: CFGTCP option 12 "Change local domain and host names" ensure that host name is in upper case (intended to match the case of your One World data source server name). Record both the local host and local domain names.
b. From SVRNBRTWO, CMD: CFGTCP option 10 "Work with TCP/IP Host Table Entries" modify existing entry for SVRNBRTWO to include as host name "LOCAL_HOST_NAME.LOCAL_DOMAIN_NAME". Also, add your deployment server to the system TCP/IP host table.
c. From each server (SVRNBRONE, SVRNBRTWO, and deployment server) ping all servers including local server.

Create user profile ONEWORLD prior to restoring any objects thus ensuring that ownership does not default to QDFTOWN when restoring libraries and objects, CMD: CRTUSRPRF USRPRF(ONEWORLD) USRCLS(*PGMR) GRPPRF(QPGMR); requires *SECADM authority.

1. Restore any data libraries which are to reside on opposing server(s). Prepare a list of libraries, their present location, and new location if changed.

Unless you have previously performed a One World host install to SVRNBRTWO where JDENET runs and is at the identical One World release level as the SVRNBRONE system, you must restore the JDENET-related library: B733SYS, , and pathcode libraries, i.e. PRODB733 DEVB733.

a. Create a job description for ONEWORLD, CMD: CRTJOBD QGPL/ONEWORLD (F4-prompt). Model it after the ONEWORLD job description located on SvrNbrOne ensuring that the initial library list includes JDENET-related libraries in the initial library list (also QCPA, QTEMP, and QGPL libraries)
b. Modify user profile ONEWORLD to use the previously created job description ONEWORLD, CMD: CHGUSRPRF ONEWORLD JOBD(QGPL/ONEWORLD)

Create OneWorld output queue on SVRNBRTWO, ONEWORLD_A CMD: CRTOUTQ (F4 - prompt). Ensure ONEWORLD_A output queue INTNETADR equals printer's address, i.e. '', and check CFGTCP option 10.

Save IFS link directories and the objects therein.
a. From SVRNBRONE create a save file, CMD: CRTSAVF QGPL/LINKDEV
b. From SVRNBRONE create a save file, CMD: CRTSAVF QGPL/LINKPROD
e. Move the save files from SVRNBRONE to SVRNBRTWO using SNADS, FTP, or backup/restore.

Restore IFS link directories and objects to SVRNBRTWO.
a. From SVRNBRTWO create directory, CMD: CRTDIR DEVB733
b. From SVRNBRTWO create directory, CMD: CRTDIR PRODB733

From SVRNBRTWO modify JDE.INI file using SEU changing all SVRNBRONE references to SVRNBRTWO, CMD: WRKMBRPDM B733SYS/INI

From SVRNBRTWO modify 'server' data source master, B733SYS/F98611
a. From the deployment server running One World (Control Panel) data source for "SVRNBRTWO" and "SVRNBRTWO - Server Map" . Do this from the Database Data Source (P986115) application, in the System Administration Menu (GH9011). When prompted make sure that the ODBC Data Sources are created referencing B7331SYS as library on Server tab, naming convention *SYS on the Format tab, and translate CCSID 65535 on the Other tab.
b. Modify each data source accordingly as per your prepared list of libraries, more specifically any library(s) which have been relocated. Thus if a data library has been relocated from one server to another ensure that the corresponding data source Server Name has been changed. Additionally, all data source libraries that reside locally on a server (SVRNBRTWO) should be modified so that the DLL Name is DBDR. Conversely, all data source libraries that resides on a remote AS/400 server should be modified so that the DLL name is JDBNET.
c. Note: The aforementioned steps (a, b, and c) must also be performed for SVRNBRONE. Ultimately, the only difference between the two server Data Source Master tables, B733SYS/F98611, will be the OMDLLNAME column information. Server OCM Master tables, B733SYS/F986101, should be identical.

1. Start the JDENET processes on both SVRNBRONE and SVRNBRTWO. This is required since the environment makeup likely consists of data distributed between the two servers. Thus UBE's running on SVRNBRONE may require data that resides on SVRNBRTWO. Run PORTTEST on each server.

2. For all workstation type DB data sources, change the Server Name from SVRNBRONE to SVRNBRTWO.

Go to menu GH9011 and select "Database Data Sources". Modify each data source accordingly. If the data has been relocated from one server to another ensure that the corresponding data source Server Name has been changed.

5. If you are planning to move the 'SYSTEM' data source to SVRNBRTWO (security library) and happen to be actively using security server you will need to modify the security section in the JDE.INI file on the enterprise servers, deployment server, and each workstation. Edit SVRNBRONE to be SVRNBRTWO. Also, edit other references to "server=SVRNBRONE" if the entire database was moved.

Note: The security library to which data source SYSTEM points may continue to reside on the SVRNBRONE server. Located in this library are the following tables required by World software F0092*, F00921, F0093*, and F0094*. It is possible to create DDM files on server SVRNBRTWO which point to these tables located on SVRNBRONE. This would permit World software applications to run on SVRNBRTWO and eliminate the need to relocate this library.

7. Re-boot the Deployment Server.

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All objects can be saved to tape from one AS/400 and restored onto the other. Then you add the new the software code for JDE onto the new AS/400.

You will then need to take the old AS/400 off-line and rename it, then update the new AS/400 name to the what the old AS/400 was named. For example if the old As/400 was named PROD, then rename the old AS/400 to PRODOLD and rename the new As/400 to PROD. If you cannot do this renaming for some reason, then after restoring the JDE objects on the new machine you will need to update the OCM/Data Sources/jde.ini (security server)... I'm sure there are white papers on it. Look at the KG.