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E9.1 How To Store/Access Production Tickets ,Its resolutions and attachment Of Supporting Documents



This is not a JDE Technical Question but need suggestions if any one have this type of solution developed in their system.
In Our JD Edwards E9.1 Production System ,we are getting daily Production Tickets through our ticketing/Remedy systems. some times we get Similar /inter linked issues . We are looking to develop a system to store/register all the critical tickets along with its resolutions online/share path for future refference.it should be a online /Share page where a specific group ( Support Team ) acess to register the Issue , Its resolutions ,Attachment of supporting documents and latter it can be accessed by a filtration on the basis of Ticket number/any particular words matching with the registered tickets subject name.

If anyone have such system developed using any 3rd party tools /shared path please share .Thanks


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JDE UPK helps a lot to creare training videos and videos to troubleshoot issues . You can create one and host and provide links


Thank You "Jdedwardsuser"

Actually i was looking for a screen/web page ( Just like Sales order screen ,or any web page like JIRA ,JDE.list.com ---- Oracal Knowledge garden) where we can enter the ticket details and various columns for resolution explanations and then attach supporting documents .in inquiry mode we can filter based on ticket number, user or any text