How to send customizes email messages from JDE


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I Used JDE Email Mail Merge Letter BSFN to send mails,but the message is appears to be in a continues format . Example:OrderNo:101,OrderType:SO,Customer Code:30101,Amount:100 etc.But i want it to be displayed in Line by line as below

Customer Code:30101,Name ABC

Is it possible with Email Mail Merge Letter BSFN,if its not,is there any workarround for that.

You could play about with adding the hexadecimal '0D' to the text yourself. There is BSFN B9861B Add a Carrige Return to String that seems to work just fine for me :)

It's limited to 254 bytes, but I've cloned this in the past and made the field 5000 text, just in case
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If you use the Send Message system function, you can use message templates (glossary group = Y). This allows you to pre-format the body of your email, and pass in variables.
you can use Business function "Create Email Text String (B0800140)" for writing a string in one line in email Body.