How to run a report with BIP output (excel)


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hi all,
i created a template and upload .xls file in P95600 (BI object repository) and i created a Report definition in P985620, and submitted.
It's by report & version.

Now, how can i run it? because if i use BV (batch version) to run the report and doesn´t generate an excel file, even in WSJ i don´t have option to "download" the excel, just default pdf.
But if i run it from P95620, i can get the excel output. then:

Reports with RD (report definitions) needs an special way to run them (special point of menu or application)? or we can use standard way and it's my report the one is failling?

Thanks in advance.

JD Edwards 9.1
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1. go to batch versions
2. search for your report and version that are hooked up to the report def above
3. use "Row->Version Detail" and from there use "Form->Report Definition" to hook up your version. YOU WILL HAVE TO OWN THIS VERSION OR HAVE IT CHECKED OUT to do this.

Then the report def will always run by default even when submitted from BV, runube command line, runubexml, report interconnect, etc.
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In OMW find the version you are running, go to Revise Version, then take the Form exit for Report Definition. Then attach the report definition there to the version.