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How to reset lpBhvrCom->iBobMode in JDE?

Sankarguru Mani

Active Member
There is a logic in B4100020 based on lpBhvrCom->iBobMode. If I call this bsfn from application, lpBhvrCom->iBobMode is going as add mode but if I call the same bsfn from ube, it is going as update mode. From ube also, I want to set this add mode, anyone has any idea on how to achieve this?

We are checking application P4114 and we are calling bsfn ND3N4114 in our custom report.

E812 -


Legendary Poster
If it were me I would try creating a wrapper to B4100020 with the exact same DS and call that from your UBE. In the wrapper you can try and change the value of iBobMode and then call B4100020. Could be as simple as two lines of code:

lpBhvrCom->iBobMode = ??????;
//or if compiled in same dll
FuncName(lpBhvrCom, lpVoid, lpDS);