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How to reapply changed ESU (Xe)


Hello list,

We got following problem:

Some time ago we've downloaded and installed ESU JD264 (SAR4945378) and installed it.
That time ESU consisted of 2 objects ( B0400076, P0413M )
Unfortunately, I deleted this ESU installation exe file, and therefore can't say the exact
date of this ESU. I only remember that it was last year (IMHO, it's
not in principle in this case).
Today we have discovered , that this ESU is changed on knowledge
garden , and consist of
8 objects (2 old + 6 new ones).
I have deleted old JD264 on deployment server, and reinstalled it again on deployment server.
The problem is that now Work with Software Updates application
(P96740) shows only 2 old objects both in 'Updated objects' (from exit
bar on first form of application) and in 'Affected objects' (called from Exit Bar from
Software Update Environment Select).
When I try to run SpecMerge workbench it actually merges only 2 objects.
So, now we can't install this ESU completely.
Unfortunatelly I'm not sure about what tables/fields hold appropriate information.

Any ideas ?



P.S. One workaround I have found is to install this ESU into another
installation of Xe, build there Package with objects from ESU using product packaging
(whith different from original name) and then install it into my

Xe SP13
Ent: NT4/SP5, MS-SQL7/SP2
Depl: NT4/SP5


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There is a document on the knowledge garden OTM-01-0004 RE-Applying an
Electronic Software Update (ESU). I think this covers your problem, though I
think it is aimed at the situation where you want to reapply the same ESU. I
am a bit surprised that JDE have changed an ESU - I thought that if they
changed an ESU relating to a particular SAR it would be given a new ESU
number and the new ESU linked to the SAR (so you can get to it), for the
very reason that there is no version control etc. on ESU's - you either have
it or not, how are you to know which 'Version' you have? I would raise this
with JDE and get them to change this practice, and give you a brand new ESU
- much easier to apply.

OW B732.1 SP11.3.1 (live)
OW733.3 Xe SP 13.1 (dev)
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + Some 95 and NT PC's


Re[2]: How to reapply changed ESU (Xe)

Hello Carl,
===8<==============Original message text===============
Unfortunately this document doesn't cover my problem.
It works only when there's no new object's in ESU

I sent message about this to JDE, but still didn't get any response.
Hope they will clarify issue and explain reasons of replacement.
Anyway, I'm absolutely agree with you that such things are

Thanks for help


- much easier to apply.
OW B732.1 SP11.3.1 (live)
OW733.3 Xe SP 13.1 (dev)
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + Some 95 and NT PC's