How to publish Invoice Event from JDE-XE to OSB using iWay JCA Adaper


We have successfully published Address Book Event from JDE-XE to OSB. But as per JDE-Admin, Invoice Event is not a Standard Business Function/Event and cannot be published. We have R42565 writing to F47 tables. Can we configure Invoice Event to be published from R42565 or Invoice Application? We prefer not to do polling against F47 table, if we can get Invoice Event published via JCA Adapter.



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Hello Channu,
If iWay JCA Adaper works similarly to Real-Time Events you can Capture Sales Order status changes events and filter out invoiced SO's in OSB.

This is how it works for Real-Time Events

When a user creates, modifies, or cancels a sales order, the system triggers a notification event. This notification event, RTSOOUT, contains two separate events: RTSOHDR and RTSODTL. The RTSOHDR event contains all information pertinent to the sales order header. The RTSODTL event contains all information pertinent to each sales order detail line.