How to Print QR Code using BI Publisher?


Hi List,

I want to Print QR Code(Multi-Dimensional Bar-code) in BI Publisher using JDE.
I tried searching but couldn't find the solution.

Could anyone of you please help?



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The source of the image holder in your RTF will have to be something that a QR Code API will return.

Ideally for dynamic images we use the URL
File System: url:{concat(../IMG_DIR_PATH,'/',IMGFILE)}
URL: url:{concat(../IMG_SERVER,'/',../IMG_DIR,'/',IMGFILE)}

For our case
URL: url:{''}

More info on the google apis -


Thanks Abhishek.. I gone through Suggested blog, that blog was for Oracle BI Publisher but i am Using BI Publisher Desktop with JDE.

Is there any solution with BI Publisher Desktop?


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The article is actually written specifically for the BI Publisher Desktop. A close following of the instructions should result in success.

For use from the JDE application your CNC will need to deploy to the JDE Enterprise server in a similar fashion but the JAR file and xdo.config file locations are different than the BI Publisher Desktop.

Note that the blog post mentions a QR font from IDAutomation. It is a commercial font. I have used it successfully along with a few other bar code types from them. Their fonts and encoders have been reliable and worth the price in my opinion. There may be a free or open source QR fonts/encoder out there. You would need to use the same approach to integrate with BIP i.e. compile the encode into a .jar file, copy the .jar file into the BIP Desktop JLIB, upload the font TTF files and then add the fond to the xdo.config file.


I have followed all the step mention by Tim and I got following output for string:


When I apply the IDAutomation2D font to it and re- run the report but it’s not printing QR code. I have also cross verified the xdo.cfg file where all the font property is in place.

Please help me, how to print the QR Code?


Hi JEMiller,

We are 9.2 but we fail to find steps to install QR Code font on BIP server ,Can you let em know how to deploy the 2 Jars to the BI-Publisher server and where to modify the classpath on BIP Server?