How to post to the new Tips & Traps forum



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First thanks for the new Forum, further for that you moved my contributions from the Developers board to there.

Now, I don't know how to post to Tips & Traps.
The Make a New Post and the Reply to Post doesn't work there.
You have written:

<font color=yellow>"If you have any One World life savers that
you would like to share, please contribute them to this
new Forum by posting them on the JDEList One World/Xe
Developers Forum." </font color=yellow>

I am confused a bit. When I post my tips to the "One World/Xe
Developers Forum" then how will it be moved/copied to the Tips & Traps board. Will somebody listen the Developers board and move it there when it is a good tip?

Please answer me, let me post newer tips.

<font color=yellow>Zoltán</font color=yellow>

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I will gladly give you the authority to post to the Tips & Traps Forum. Believe it or not, I review every messsage that goes through the three boards so I can move anything that looks worthwhile but your assistance is appreciated.

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Your offer is great honour for me but I do not want more authority than anybody else has on the Forum.

Could you move my post "Re: Tab delimited flat file" posted on 12/12/00 07:38 AM to the T&T board.
I never tried this method but "shafjde" replied my tip that it works fine. The original issue is a recurrent one and if my tip really works then it is a very easy solution. Some modification could be useful on that post because it does't containes the original issue.
This last mentioned problem could be general problem when you are hunting for T&T because generally the answers does't contains the original issue with some exceptions.

What about to start the subject with "T&T" when we post an issue which could be candidate for T&T Forum?

<font color=yellow>Zoltán</font color=yellow>

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
Dear Listers, Honoured Zoltán and Respected Eric,

First of all, allow me to congratulate both:
1 /wwwimages/icons/laugh.gif Zoltán for his new <big> <font color=red>Enthusiastic</font color=red> grade! </big>His merits are topped only by his amazing modesty!
2 /wwwimages/icons/thinks.gif Eric for his permanent presence that makes the Listers' life easier if not funnier!
I do really feel their pay-day is coming ... the sooner, the better.

Long live the List and God bless you all!
/wwwimages/icons/doh.gifForever Young, Adrian

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