E9.2 How to override input variables with output from Data Request



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Hi folks

I have a fairly simple request but I'm having a brain fart.
I have 2 input variables that I will use to update the From and To Locations in F4611 suggestions. Sometimes these will be passed in, other times not.

So I created a rule to check the 2 values for GT blank and then I go to F4611 using a Data Request with other input variables.
My question is how do I then make the 2 input variables szOverrideFromLocationIn and szOverrideToLocationIn be equal to the result from the data request step

Whenever I type in ${szOverrideFromLocationIn} and click save in the data request step it sometimes overwrites what I've typed in
(although typing this now it seems to have finally saved what I've typed)

I want to then use the result of these 2 values in data request step to populate the 2 input variables that may have been passed in blank


Or do I need to play with this bit, Values From Steps


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I John
That task is easy to acomplish, you only need to assign the same name in the return of data request put GTTo_Location and GCFrom_Location, when the names in orchestrator are the same they override it.
In your data request, return fields & variable name should NOT be enclosed in brackets. Just szOverrideFromLocationIn and szOverrideToLocationIn

You should be finding those values usable downstream once you fix that up.

These things are not obvious so it would be hard on yourself to even call it a brain fart :)
Awesome, thanks guys

So it's OK to use an inbound variable as a return field from a data request. Just give it the same name as the inbound variable and job done (no brackets :))

Why it isn't there as a drop down to select I've no idea. Come on Oracle ;)