How to make the files grey out



My user is using E1 9.1 with Tools and complaining that it's very hard to distinguish the disable field (the field that the user can't enter) from the enable filed.

I know we can make the field grey out using 'read only' option to define the field but the option can not be variable by the condition. So this can't be single solution.

I guess many user have same complaint and I am wondering if you guys have any solution...?

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You can edit the webclient.css file which is found in ./owl_deployment/webclient.ear/app/webclient.war/share/css/webclient.css for each environment. If you update the .tfdisabled class entry you can make the field stand out from the rest. Just remember that if you redeploy the web instance using server manager or apply a new tools update you'll have to redo your changes.

If the field you want to disable is a Form Control one, then you can use the system function Disable Control. If it is the grid column you can use "Disable Grid" where you will define the row number alongwith column which has to be disabled.

Sujit R
See MOS document # 2001762.1. It addresses this issue, and it is supposed to be resolved with TR (which is supposed to be a web-focused TR). You may even be able to request a POC fix from MOS -- open up an SR to ask.
FYI all of our users complained of exactly the same thing when we went to Oracle told us that's just the way its gonna be. I guess enough people complained. If you edit the .css does that cause any issues with Oracle support?
Hi all

Thank you for all of your reply. It's very helpful. I am going to go to Russell's or Don's ones.
Once I've got it done, I'll inform you of the result.

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Hi Russell

Thank you for your brilliant solution!!!

When I edited the webclient.css on the place you mentioned, Web logic was changed as expected.:eek: Do you know where to edit to make the same change on Websphere?

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Hi Tanabe,

I don't have a Websphere system to play with as IBM charges a fortune for their partner program so I can't go looking for it. I would first check if the file is just deployed directly in the web container rather than redeployed on each start as in the Websphere case.

Hi Russell
Thank you agin!!! And I am sorry that I made a mistake in editing the file and now the change has been applied to Websphere as well as Web logic

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Hi all

My CNC consultant made following change and we got the resut as expected.

file path :D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\installedApps\xxxWAS1Node01Cell\HTML_WEB1_PY.ear\webclient.war\share


change pont:tfdisabled {background:

value (from to) :transparent (clear) > → #DCDCDC (grey)

We'll consult wth the user if we shoud make the change in production with the considaration of Oracle support.

Thank again for all of your reply. I can never thank you enough!!!!

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