How to have different item UOM per branch plant


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We use ST/OT to get an item from a sister plant, they stock in EA UOM, we need to stock and use on BOM in GM. Is enabling UOM Conversion by Branch Plant (not turned on) the solution? Secondary UOM? Any and all suggestions/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Mike Mackinnon

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Just off top of my head...

Not sure which is the smaller UOM (probably GM) but setup a conversion for the item (EA -> GM, GM ->EA), setup Item Master with smaller UOM (probably GM - may have issues if currently in use and have existing transactions/inventory with EA). When entering the transfer ST order you can enter the quantity in EA unit of measure - I don't think you can do different UOMs like on an SD/OD order. You might be able to setup the secondary UOM for item as EA and then fix display/grid of inventory for sister branch to show the secondary UOM EA (like item availability).

You also won't be able to have two UOMs setup for same item and different branches unless you want to use two different item numbers but then you'd be forced to use adjustments to transfer/move inventory instead of the better method of ST orders.

I'm also not sure if you'd have to turn on the "Dual Unit of Measure Item" in Item Master?? It may be more trouble than it's worth...


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Item Master has multiple UOMs to be defined on it. One - UOM9 or Component UOM - is the default UOM for an item when it is added to a BOM.
Of course you must have a defined conversion between the Primary UOM and the Component UOM. UOM8 is the default UOM for Manufacturing (WO Parts List).

An example of how we use that here is that electrical wire has a primary UOM of IN (inches). However neither Design or Manufacturing care to measure wire by inches. So UOM8 and UOM9 are set to FT (feet) and in the BOM component quantity is expressed in FT (rounded up - so 15 inches of wire rounds up to 2 FT). Wire is cheap.


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The catch being that the product does not have a specific EA to GM conversion since the weight will vary with each item ordered from the sister plant.


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You will need to setup the different conversions for each item:

Item A - 1 EA = 200 GR
Item B - 1 EA = 300 GR
Item C - 1 EA = 400 GR

Actually, I'd suggest either lot control or dual units of measure. In lot control you would set the primary UOM to GM and have each lot equal to 1 EA. In dual units of measure the primary would be GM and the secondary would be EA.