How to get XML data source from EnterpriseOne for R31410 UBE to design it in BIP?

Abner Baptiste

Hello Guys,
I need your help. I want to design the work order report (R31415) in BIP. I am facing some difficulty to get the XML data source for this UBE in EnterpriseOne.
Any tip on how to resolve this issue.
Here what I have done so far. I copied the R31410 and R31415 in OMW. I create a template and a report definition in P95600 and P95620 respectively. I attach the report definition to my versions. I deploy and build a package. I called the version of my R31415 in the processing options of my R31410 in the tab version. When I test my setup in the web client, the system does not generate the work order and when I checked P95630, I got the result attached in the attachment. It looks like I am very closed but not I seem to miss something.
Thanks for your help


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Please check your data selection. It looks like you didn't select any work orders to print. Also, check your processing options to see if you're just printing the WO, or if it will try to advance the status of the WO.