E9.2 How to get versions created in PY BV to DV in OMW


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I have been away from JDE for two years and my OMW skills have gotten rusty. A user created two interactive versions for P4210 using BV. In OMW, I was able to move them from her default project into a new project that I created. In DV I'm not able to do an Advanced Get (it's grayed out). When I go into OMW in PY I can see the version names, which I don't see in DV.

What is the best method for getting these versions into DV so they can be promoted properly?


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You can handle this a few ways, but really since its an IV, you can do a straight insert from the F983051 Central Objects - PY to F983051 in Central Objects - DV where vrpid = 'P4210' and vrvers in ('Version1','Version2')

You could also create reverse promotion rules to "promote" from PY - > DV.

Kim Schmidt

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This might work: In DV, create a new empty version with the same version name in the project, then do the advanced gat from PY. Or you could create a PAR save file in PY, then in DV do a restore from that PAR file into your dummy DV version. Then check it in.