How to get Report Footer Values in Email Subject or Body?


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Hi List,

I'm very new to Create!form. I'm trying to get values from the ReportFooter section of a report to show up in the Email Body. There is a Successfully Processed value in the footer which is numeric and it always comes through as blank, even though I can see it in the input tree.

I've tried building simple statements in the email Subject to make sure I'm doing the syntax correctly. I can build the Subject successfully using values from other sections on the PDF. For example:

"Page " + Page_Header.Variable_000006

Successfully produces the text "Page 1" when I execute it.

However, if I do something like:

"Successfully Processed: " + ReportFooter.SuccessfullyProcessed

The PDF value for Successfully Processed is 39, but I get "Successfully Processed:" as my email subject.

Is there something special about the ReportFooter that makes its values unavailable? Or something special I need to do to use them?

I think you can only use data from the first page of the JDE PDF in email mapping (To, Form, Subject, Body, etc.). You might be able to tick it somehow by adding that data to the first page/section and then using that. But I think even that does not work.

Can the UBE be modified to print the data you need in the page header or some section that is always on the 1st page of the JDE PDF?

I'm actually adding some data to the Header on a project somebody else wrote and noticed that they had these values in the email body, but they were always coming through as blank. These are totals which aren't available until the rest of the report is finished processing. It looks like they wanted to show the 3 final totals in the email body with the detail in the attached PDF.

I did do a test with a PDF where the data set was small enough that the report footer displayed on the 1st page, and the values came out in the email in that instance.

Its the little undocumented stuff like this that kind of gets you. I went back through the Director documentation again to see if I just missed it. The only reference I found was in a reference about building expressions to using variables if they are available in the section. But no detail as to what is available when and the expression builder lets you pick any variable in the input tree.

Thanks for your help,