How to get Fiscal Period from system date


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Is there any business function available for getting Fiscal Period ?Suppose if i a pass a system date to a bsfn then it should give me the current fiscal year and fiscal period for the company.

X0903 F0008 Get Fiscal Year Period Number will bring back the Period for a given company


A simple fetch to F0010 will give you the answer in the PNC filed
Thank you john,

I tried BSFN X0903 to retrieve fiscal period and fiscal year by passing the values company,system date and date pattern ,but when i run the report i am getting 0 values in Fiscal year and fiscal period,and in case of second option like simple fetch to f00010, we cant relay on this because the table is managed by user entry,if suppose user not update the period properly then i will not get current period so using X0903 is the best option for me but it showing 0 for fiscal year and fiscal period values when i pass the parameters.Can you please let me know what is the current way to pass parameters in to the X0903 BSFN.

X0903 Return FYPN (F0008 Get Fiscal Year Period Number)

1 szCompany
2 jdTransactionDate

1 is the company you want
2 is the date you're interested in. So todays date or the DGJ date of the transaction (6 digit date)

I suspect if you are getting 0 then the dates aren't set up correctly for the company in F0008 F0010 etc

Example, My DV data is still stuck in 2012 :)
My PY UT PD data is valid and in 2014

As for F0010 not being updated correctly, have a polite word with your finance dept as that's their job :) (but maybe not in DV though)
It's moved on every month end so the GL is kept in synch etc

F0008 is a date pattern table that holds the actual period end dates (you get these by using X0903 F0008 Get Date)

So it depends what you're after. The actual current period in time (so month) or what E1 thinks the current period financially is.
This is a manual step after accounts have moved the month on correctly

Download JDE Object Browser from and play about with the BSFN
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Hi John,

I have passed

and try to retrive the data in rpt_mnFiscalYear_FY and PeriodNumber in to rpt_PeriodNo_PN, but both the result showing 0. I tried to debug the BSFN but the control is not passing to MS VC++ from JDE even i attache the Process.I am currently using MS 2010 in my PC.

Hi John,

Thanks,Now its work. I got FY and PN from system Date , the JDE Object Browser really a nice tool