How to display a checkbox in the grid?


Hi List,

I have a requirement to add a flag in the grid in the form of a checkbox. I have tried a few things to make it work but havent achieved any success yet.

If anyone of you implemented checkbox on the grid then please do guide me for the same.

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Hi Chintan,

I had simulated check-box as well as green check-mark vs red X mark.
Briefly the technique:
- make the cell click-able
- set the column font to Windings in the (Post) Dialog Is initialized
- add a grid scope variable (grd_) to the grid to store ON/OFF state
- play/toggle in the Grid Column Clicked event:
> the grd_ variable
> the character in the cell
> the font color

Hope, it helps - it was my secret trick
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Dear All,

I just happened to have similar Requirement and found these refinements and ideas;
  1. In grid column properties under "General" tab "Display style" select check box. This works only on thin client though. On FAT client it doesn't look like a check box. It showed me as a normal field.
  2. The other option is as suggested by Zoltán above, we had to set the value of GC Grid column to a certain Alphabet whose corresponding Font type "Wingdings2" displays colourful Tick marks and cross Marks as need be. I was able to see it nicely with colors as set when i ran it on FAT Client but when i run the same in local thin client i dint see those check marks not sure why. probably after deployment it might work on server. Will need to check.