How to develop C Business Function


Dear Friends,

Can anyone tell me how to develop C Business Function. I read the documents related C Business Function. But I am confused a lot still.
how to initiate developing! If any document related it, which illustrates in brief and understandable, please share the doc.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Not sure exactly what you're asking here. I get the impression you're asking for more than is really feasible in this forum. What, specifically, are you trying to do?

Are you asking how to create the initial function in OMW and create the skeletons? If so, that info can retrieved from the OMW/BSFN documentation. This process will create the OMW function records and also create the initial .c and .h files with function skeletons and prototypes. From there, it's all up to the developer write c-code.

If you're asking how to write c-code, this is not the proper place to be asking that type of question... you need to learn it. If you know c-programming, but are not familiar with "JDE-c", then I would recommend just looking at some of the many hundreds of existing c-files and getting a feel for how things are generally accomplished. If there is a specific topic you're trying to understand or use, then try asking a question related to that specificity.


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The link of nkuebelbeck is very good. I always study some bsfn's c standard with similar functionality and api functions and next i'll try buld the function.