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E9.1 How to delete favorites of jde userids by sql ?


Hi Friends,
We found below query to delete favorites from userids (example here : BB and AA). After executing this query , user complained about menus went missing . So we restored table F9001 and F9000.
Please have a look at this query and suggest if it requires any modification further ?
delete from ctl.f9000 where tmtaskid in (select trchildtsk from ctl.f9001 where trparnttsk in (select tmtaskid from ctl.f9000 where tmlngtask in ('@BB','@AA') and tmtasknm in (''@BB','@AA') ))



VIP Member
When you first used select instead of delete to test the statement what records came up?

(select tmtaskid from prodctl.f9000 where tmtasknm like '@%' and tmtasktype = '07') = favorites