How to declare variables and structures in C Business Function.


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I want to develop a C BSFN which is used to insert records into a specific table F55xxxxxx. I am confused in declaring variable and structures. I observed a couple of standard C Business Functions which used to insert the records into Fxxxxx. But in all those C Business Functions, variable declaration and structures are different from each other, even they are doing same job( inserting records into its associated tables). Can anyone explain in brief how to declare variables and structures. And why variable and structure declaration are different from each other.

Kindly help me out.

Thanks in advance.
K A Naidu.


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For the most part structures are created by the tools. You have the structures for dealing with tables and the members will have the name of the actual database columns (ABAN8 for example in F0101). When you create a data structure to use in a business function, the members use the Data Dictionary item names but you can edit them however you like. It all doesn't matter, you are ultimately going to load the table structure with the values you want before doing your insert. That is just performing the proper "copy" function (jdeStrncpy, MathCopy, memcpy, or direct assignment for primitives), from your BSFN data structure members or whatever the source if you input data is.