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How to Debug Report


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I am Testing a report (R073012) Payroll Register, Which is in DV environment. I can run this report only thru payroll module which in return submit this report to server. Earlier I modified this report and now I am having some problems it and I want to debug it. I want to run this report locally so I can debug it or Can any one tell me how I use the debug tool if I am running a report on server.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Scott Beebe

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The debugger doesn't work on the server. Best way to debug is to change OCM mappings so that the report runs locally. Then you can use the debugger on the UBE.


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Hi Naveen,
You need to run EVERYTHING locally; therefore:
1 - You have to add an OCM record (for the environmnet you want to use) for UBEs - just use the word "DEFAULT", instead of the UBE name.
2 - Next, you have to install Vertex locally, on your wkstn.
3 - Next, you debug your UBE.
4 - Finally, you let us know about some results, or other bumps in the road.
Warm regards,

Its not on sale

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Method suggested by other good gentlemen will definately work. Here are my two cents.

R073012 when runs only need payroll id as a Report interconnect variable. Just run your payroll and let payroll register run. For your info, payroll register is launch by Payroll UBE Driver business fucntion which looks at all the reports specified in the reports section for each paycycle.

Now create a UBE in the do section do report interconnect and call R073012 and give the payroll id you have just ran. After that line just do stop batach processing. Now start debugger and point break points in R073012 and submit your newly created ube. Since your ube will run locally it will also call R073012 locally so there fore debugger will trap it.

The biggest benefit of this is that you dont have to run payroll every time so you can launch R073012. Just call your ube as many time you want so R073012 can be launched again.

Hope this helps.