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How to convert string to date?


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I read from a csv file and there's a date value in it. I read it out as a String. I want to assign it to a date variable (alias is DGJ). How do I do that in JDE 9.1 please?


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Do you have Patwel's (Craig_Welton) JDE ObjectBrowser? I recommend it (http://www.patwel.com).

You can use it to search for Business Functions and test there functionality. When I'm look for certain functionality I use ObjectBrowser every time.

Here are 4 business functions that I found using ObjectBrowser that convert a string to a date:

B0800013 - Convert String to Date
N0800640 - Convert String to Date
B74I0010 - Convert String to Date Format Mask - 00
B0800208 - Convert Status Change Date String to Date Format


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You can use B0800208 - Convert String to Date Mask as said peterbruce, you map input string date, format mask and return jde date.