How to change the Due date setup in JDE i.e instead of Inv date should be GL Date


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Dear All,

JDE Version : A9.2 (World)

Currently Due date is based in the Invoice date ,we would like to change the due date based on the GL date (Instead of Inv Date).

can we change the system level setup (Global) ?

I know there is Due Date Rule Revisions & Advanced Payment Terms in G00141 menu ,the difficult with is option is that we need to setup again for all due date rules and advance payment terms for all codes.

Is there any system level setup ?

Thanks in Advance
I believe you may be a able to populate the invoice date with the GL date and I believe that would meet your requirement.
For AR you can set the system constants in the Date Type field to GL date. This works globally. Also in many of the standard aging reports - both AP and AR you can set the due date off the GL date.