How to capture "Program ID" in a table trigger.



Table F4209 in E1 has no audit fields and therefore it does not capture the name of the program that creates a record in this table. I have few custom processes that create record in table F4209 and one of them is misbehaving. I want to find out which process is writing records to this table. I created a table trigger in E1 on the table F4209 (event - After a record is inserted). Using this method I am able to get a new record created in a custom table whenever a record is added in to F4209. I am able to capture the date and the time when a record is inserted in to F4209 table but I am still not able to capture the Program ID that is creating the records.

Has any one tried anything similar. I heard that a table trigger at the database level can capture the Program ID. Is that possible ?