How to capture Error Message from F4211 Edit Line


Hi. I am working on a batch application which calls an NER in which i am calling sales order master bsfn and I want to capture the errors when my function fails. now my edit lines gives me error code 2 if there is any error. but i need the error message also. Do you have any idea on this?? I want the error description to be captured in a variable so that I can print it on the pdf
Please help out - its very urgent.
If the edit line is not returning error code, then you need to dig in debug logs and find the exact error.
Make that validation as part of your Pre-Edit line call.
I can understand that this will be the case with so many errors. This approach is better.


Check work Center and see if the error is captured there. If yes, then you can dig in Work Center tables to extract the error message.
There's a couple of API calls that you can make get the error stack. You will need a BSFN rather than an NER to put it together.

The calls you're looking for are jdeErrorGetCountEx and jdeErrorGetNextDDItemNameInfoEx.