How to build and deploy custom BSSV?


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I'm trying to build and deploy a custom bssv. How can I do this? I see entries only in F98601,F98602 only and not in F98603. The custom bssv is not listed in business service assembly application.
Looking through one of the JDE forums, I came to know that the custom bssv's will be automatically picked up and build during the package build process.

When I tried this, I get the following report. Any thoughts/help on this?


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The reason why BSSV object is not being showed in P9603 application is no published class was specified when the Business Service object was checked in.

(1). Check out the BSSV object
(2). check in , while check in select the artifact and under row exit select "set published"

This will populate the records in F98603 and you can see the BSSV in P9603.
Its better to go thru the document properly before you try to do something new. Looks like you are simply trying to do something without putting any efforts on your end.

Hello Chan Rana ,

Thank you. I'm trying my best to get the things running straight at first instance itself. Basically, its tuff to post what all tried before posting a question over here. If that's the expectation for giving a solution to the problem, I don't mind putting it over here. But I wanted to keep it simple.