How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


How to Make a Post to Start a Thread.

0) First look at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and (JDELIST DISCUSSION GROUPS (FORUMS) NETIQUETTE) and How to Ask Questions the Smart Way.

1) Ensure that your signature is set up to include your system configration information (See JDELIST DISCUSSION GROUPS (FORUMS) NETIQUETTE - Rule 3)

2) Decide to which Forum your question is best suited, most JDEList members watch a number of different forums, so there is no need to post the same question on multiple forums. The list of forums is avaiable by clicking the "Main Idex" link at the top of all JDEList web pages (Main Index). There are 19 Forums (excluding read only forums that cannot be posted to and the Job Oppoutunites Form) organised into 5 groups to choose from.

3) From the Main Index Page click the underlined Forum Name (which is a link) to the Forum to which you wish to post. This will take you to the first Forum page which lists the most recent posts made to that forum.

4) At the top of the Forum page is an underlined link called Post. Click this link for the post entry page for the forum and you will be able to enter your post.
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