How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Entertaining and instructive, but I don't agree with everything I read there. Regarding the RTFM/STFW chapter, the author should think back to when he/she was a green <jobposition>, or recall his/her last visit to the Knowledge Swamp. No matter how much prelim research you do, there's nothing quite like having a conversation. Two heads are always better than one. I need this resource to speed up the learning process. My bosses aren't giving me extra time to RallTFD, so I don't consider myself lazy or selfish for asking questions that others might consider elementary. My bosses and mentors don't always do as much preparation and homework as I would like.

So, I'm gonna grow thicker skin to take the flack for asking dumb questions, and keep asking them. Someday I will have the opportunity to be the answer person.

A little humility would do everyone a lot of good.
Communicating with people and attracting them is a difficult task. This link helped me a lot in communicating with the people not only in forums but also in personal life. Thanks for sharing the link!!
It is difficult to attracting and communicating with people, how To Ask Questions The Smart Way this is for people who asks question on the Net. Especially on computer question He tells you what you should or should not do in the forums or mailing list.