How to analyse Debug Logs

Hi All ,
I have joined this group only today and have close to 2 years of JDE Technical experience and am well versed in forms , reports . I am not that proficient in C. I have been asked to analyse debug logs on some occasions and that gets me anxious.
I work on Jde 9.2 platform and want to get over this anxiety.
Through this forum , I would like to know if anyone can guide how to go about analysing these logs in a stepwise way(Like determining what each error code means etc etc..)

Thank You !!



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Looking at debug logs is not that difficult per say . First start searching for regular keywords like - "Error" , "Failed", "Exception", "Unable" etc . Then try searching with "Return Value is 2 " . This comes out of C business functions . If return value is 0 , success . 1 means warning and 2 means error . You can start looking for any particular business function by typing function name . Business functions can also be generally searched using "Start dumping" keyword where you will see the parameter mapping of business function IN and OUT both .

Debug logs have times too so you can see whats taking long . However more advanced tools like performance WB does this analysis for you to make decisions of long queries , index optimizations needed etc .