How to add the same business view field twice in the same form?


I have a TAB CONTROL and 5 TAB PAGES. 2 TAB PAGEs need
to display the same Business View Field.I am able to
insert only one INSERT BUSINESS VIEW FIELD through
I did a CTRL + C & CTRL + V of the VARIABLE but it is
not assossiated with the Business View Field and
behaved as a Data Dictionary Field. The Values are not
automatically intialised when the form is displayed.
I have intialised the variables and acheived the
result. But is there any other way in FDA i can
acheive this with minimum efforts.

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K.J.Anand Kumar
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Hi K.J. Anand,

Is your issue resolved already? If yes then please, let us know how. If not then:

1.) What kind of type of form do you have?
2.) If it is an update capable one then both field have to be accept input?
3.) Is your application a custom one?

Depending on your answeres, in some circumtances you can change the BSVW where you join the table to itself based on the primary unique index and you include the field to the BSVW twice, once from the Primary table second from the secondary. Although I suppose making some ER moving the data to a Data Item form control is a bit simplier. What is your oppinion?


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I was sure I had seen something in the KG. I dug around a bit and here it is :

FDA was changed in OneWorld release B73.3.1 to not allow more than one instance of a single Business View Column on a single form. This was done because the Runtime engine does not support more than one instance with the exception of filter fields. You can actually have multiple instances of a Business View Column on a form as long as all but one of them is a filter field.

To add multiple instances of a Business View Column as filter fields:

1. Add the first instance
2. Change that instance to be a filter field
3. Add the second instance
4 Repeat the above steps as necessary

Hope this helps


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