How many XML Publisher kernels


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42 and are using the XML Publisher embedded in JDE.

On our production server on JDE Server Manager, the XML Publisher kernel definition is set up to have 8 max and 8 auto start XML publisher kernels. In our test system, we have only 1 max and 1 auto start.

Our production volume for XML publisher is relatively small by most standards I presume. We print checks and burst/email ACH remittances, from 2 - 6 or so separate jobs a day, with from 100 to 500 or so documents produced daily.

My question is, how do you go about determining how many kernel processes to set up. Is there a formula or guideline. What has your experience been for anyone use XML publisher.
If you're not on the latest TR, you add more kernels after you find out that what you have is not enough. But if you have a lot of large jobs, they would just keep using up the additional kernels. So you'll probably end up setting a M-B thread queue to service large jobs so that they don't hog the kernels. Where M is the max number of BIP kernels and B is the number of big jobs you are willing to service.

But this entails setting up all UBE/Versions that may result in large jobs to use the large jobs queue you're setting up. And that leads to other questions/scenarios like synched job chains that inherit the job queue of the calling process, etc.

With the latest TR, you can set thresholds to determine whether a job is large or not based on the size of the XML data; and specify an upper limit for how much resources "large" jobs can use up. This also means that small jobs will have a minimum number of kernels to service them.