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N/A How Manage MRP messages


I hope to write in the right forum.
First of all i would like to excuse to all of them if i am not writing "technically" but I am not a expert of jde or a programmer. I am just a user an sometimes I am flidding with jde.
I need help regarding MRP messages and how i can manage it. I making an ex : when i run the mrp i received back proposal on Purchase orders, work order and PO rolling : But only su PO i can see mrp messages/action to do : delete op, anticipate, posticipate or emit order. How i can include also work oders and PO rolling?

Cuz there are no possibilities to manage from :

From Material Planning Operations (G34),

From Material Planning Setup (G3440), choose Requirements Planning Setup

From Material Planning Setup (G3442), choose Supply/Demand Inclusion Rules