How do you manage BIP document output?


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Sry if this is in the wrong section of this forum.

I'm wondering what other companies, who use BIP, use to manage output documents. Add/Retrieve/Delete/Access/Security/Search after the original document is generated. I think what i'm looking for is a document management system(DMS) for JD Edwards.

Did you buy some software? Did you roll your own implementation? Do external systems access documents?


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The two most common ways are to either generate two outputs (one being the PDF and the other being an XML file with metadata) and write to a monitored folder or the other is to email the content to a mail account that is monitored. This is then used to load the document into a DMS using some form of adapter.

We do provide a solution for the second method which allows you to email to a monitored account and place all of the metadata in the email body. It will then allow you to load the document into a DMS with the metadata from the email, attached the BIP output as a media object back into JDE against the relevant record, store the file in file storage (FTP, SFTP or SMB) based on rules or send the output to a printer based on routing rules.


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Take a look at LynX Output Manager. It can Add/Retrieve/Delete/Access/Security/Search after the original document is generated (copy and pasted from your post). Supports both normal report outputs (PDF, CSV, OSA XML, log, jddebug log) and BIP outputs. Link: The web page does not indicate BIP, but we have it in our latest version. No changes to your E1 system.