How do you make a parameter read only

Cathy Wilbur

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How do I go about setting a parameter as read only. I have a FACULTY parameter that I want to set a default value and make it as read only so that when the clients run their reports they cannot change this parm. Want to do this so I can have one report with different faculties running the selection criteria but do not want them to be able to set the faculty to another value that is not their faculty. Want to have the parm but want to have the parm as read only so I have cost center security. How do I go about doing this. I came across this in Crystal 2008. Does anyone know how to set it up to make it work?

Show on (Viewer) Panel
Choose whether the parameter will display on the parameter panel and whether it will be editable or read-only.
Do not show: The parameter is not visible on the panel. Users must refresh the report to change the parameter's values.
Editable: Users can view and change the parameter's values on the panel.
Read only: Users can view the parameter's values on the panel, but cannot change them.
By default, the program sets this field to Editable.

Cathy Wilbur

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Got it working. Had to set up a drop down list with one value and define the field as READ ONLY and do not allow any custom values. To roll this out to different departments will have to change the single drop down value and the default value. Not the best solution but I do not want to embed the Faculty parameter in hidden selection criteria or I would have to create multiple versions of the report. See attachment.

Now have to figure out how to get default value to be selected if person does not pick anything.


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There is a simple solution to you last problem. Test the variable in a formula field starting with "BeforeReadingRecords;" Place this formula in the report header section and hide it. Then if value = default set value = desired value; Not quite the right syntax but you get the idea.

Hope that works for you.