How do you "copy" a user's UDO?


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since we upgraded to 9.2.2.x Tools i'm asking myself if there's an easier way of copying a user's UDO. Like when we create a new user and their teamlead says that this new user should have the grid formats and queries from Person X from that team. With UO (User Overrides) that was not a problem - but now with UDO it feels a little stiff.
Does anybody ever do that? Like, do you have requests like this and how do you handle those? :)

Excited to hear your workflows! :rolleyes:


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Yep, UDOs are much more complex as far as the data in the tables, projects, etc... The best thing we have come up with is to have the team leads create and publish the basic grids and queries for their users. You can then assign them to roles using security so every new user in that role automatically has the layouts. The new user can then create a personal/unpublished copy to modify those base objects.