How do you a change a No Update Report?


Does anyone know how to change a No Update Report to a Update Report?

A report was copied and I have made changes and realized the orginal person copied this report as a No Update report and it will not run properly.

Any help would be appreciated.
Update ol910.F9860 set siomit = '0' where siobnm = 'Rxxxxxx' and siomit = '1'
Hi David,

Yes you are right, we can update the table need to copy again....
any one help me.In Report .when the level break values changes I want to fetch state code from another Table .in which event I have to write logic?
Thanks to all for the response!!!

Update ol811.F9860 set siomit = '0' where siobnm = 'Rxxxxxx' and siomit = '1'

Can anyone tell me whether this should work in 9.2? I've tried it on an object, but the log is still showing " Read Only Report, Fetch for update not executed." Your quick response will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Billie Ebinger
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It looks like it should work. According to Oracle Doc 627916.1, your choices are:

1 - Copy the report to a new report, and define the copy as an update report. Recreate any versions. (Recommended solution for standard JDE objects)
2 - Update the column SIOMIT from 1 (No Update Report) to 0 (Update Report) for the custom report object in the Object Librarian table (F9860) using a SQL query. Taking a back-up of table F9860 is strongly recommended before updating the table. (Recommended solution for custom reports)