How do we increase the Grid Import Row limit from 250 to 1,000?


We are trying to increase our JAS.ini setting for GridImportRowLimit from 250 to 1,000.

We have changed this settting on all our web servers for all our environments. We stopped and restarted services (as part of our normal weekly backup over the weekend).

When I test this, via copy/paste from Excel into a JDE Grid, I am still getting this same Message from webpage: You can not import more than 250 rows each time. Please reduce the number of rows to import or contact your system administrator to increaase the limit.

Are we missing a step?

We are JDE E1 9.0/TR Server

Thank you!


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Please see excerpt below where the limit of 1000 is set as the default in TR8.98.4.0. Since you are at a much later TR, you might be experiencing some other issue.

A setting GridImportRowLimit under the [OWWEB] section in the JAS.INI is available with Bug 11030191 in Tools Release This setting applies to Grid Import Only and has a default value of 250 if the setting does not exist in the JAS.INI. This default value is increased to 1000 starting with Tools Release, which is the recommended setting from development. See Bug 11044147 for details. It is possible to change the recommended setting from 1000, to a different number, but this is based on client discretion and performance will be subject to available resources, settings, etc. Oracle support will only assist if the supported recommended value is not working. For troubleshooting performance, try Document 764247.1 E1: WAS: Performance Tuning for Websphere Application Server or Document 1505666.1 E1: WLS: Performance Tuning for Oracle Weblogic Server based on your installed application server.


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Just for info...our GridImportRowLimit is set to 5000..............and now users want it raised to 10000!