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How do I use P0002 Work with Next Numbers to Populate the EDOC field (Inbound EDI 850


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I need to know how to use P0002 Work with Next Numbers to populate the EDOC fielf in an Inbound EDI 850 document. Can anyone tell me how to do this? First I will use R47002C Inbound Flat File Conversion to bring in the document(s). When I bring in the document - I want to have the EDOC fields (SYEDOC, SZEDOC, etc.) fields already populated with the next numbers.

My platform is iSeries 6.3 and JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.2.

Thank you in advance for you help


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I am not sure how you would do that. The EDOC is a key on F47011, so it needs to be created/populated in the source file that R47002C is reading. It depends on your architecture. Our EDI integration software has a built in next number generator, so we use that number as edoc. I suppose if you have a custom integration architecture and you really need to use JDE next numbers, you could have it run the JDE next number business function through external api calls as it is writing out to the flat file.


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I would fetch the NNN001 field value from F0002 for NNSY=47 to populate EDOC. As JMast suggested it is best to use the Next Numbers BSFN since that will increment the # once it is used up.

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Thank you so much Matt for your quick response - This certainly seems like something that I can do. The files to be used as clear and straight forward. I am programmer, but I am new to JDE. Is it possible that you can give me some pointers as to how to use the business function for this purpose?