How do I summarize a column using specific logic in Director

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At year end we process all the individuals that donate money to the university on a monthly basis and process one individual tax receipt for each ConstituentID.

The file comes across in detail with 30+ fields in file.
There is an entry in the file for every time each person donates throughout the year.
The file comes across sorted by last name, first name, Gift date.

All the donations each individual sent for last 12 months is in the file.

From this file we do the following
1) Generate a consolidated income tax receipt by ConstituentId summarizing the total donation on each tax receipt. This was easy to do because I split the file by ConstituentId then generated a summary receipt. I have a detail line in the Designer project which I hide which calculates the consolidated total for each ConstituentId.

2) Generate an audit file which produces a single line to indicate each constituent we generated a receipt for with following summary information on the audit report
ConstituentId, Name, Amount, Date, Receipt#, ReceiptType

How can I take this detailed file which has about 30+ fields in it, ordered by LastName, FirstName then GiftDate then generate an audit report to summarize the Gift Amount by ConstituentId.
I do not see a way to do this. The CSV file that is sent to me has a Historical Summary on each detail line for the client but there is a bug in the software that generates this column so the summary is not always correct.

From this CSV file they send me I generate a PDF file to be published to a folder so we can save it electronically.
I take this CSV file then split by ConstituentID so I can generate each individual tax receipt.
When I split by ConstituentId I also generate an audit line of 6 fields from above that I append to a work audit file.
Once I am done slitting the file I then generate my audit report by processing the work audit file.

My question is how would I take each ReceiptAmnt for a ConstituentId and summarize the amount within Director script. Right now I am using that Historical Summary column which is not correct.
Please look at the pictorial diagram showing my director script which I attached.

I know I have the print twice. I did that so I can print the whole file without splitting then the individual receipts so I can print just one individual receipt while testing. It is during the split process that I generate my audit report CSV row then append it to my work audit file. I also write audit file to a temporary directory so I can look at it. Last step in my process is to delete the audit file where I write all my audit processes.


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