How do I re-send a private message?


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Is it possible to verify that a private message sent was received?
Or, in case it was lost, is there a way to send the message again?

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PS I did send a message almost a week ago and I'm not sure it was received :(
And, of course, it would be hilarious to send a new message ... asking if the previous one was read; how would I deal with a "Sorry, I didn't get it ... "?

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Not at this time but the private mail section will be enchanced soon. Part of the enchancement will be that sent messages will be saved. It is not very likely that a private message would get lost because there isn't any server to server communications involved. It is simply a db write.

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Thanks in advance for this enhancment.
I have had the same problem like Adrian.
If you remember, I have already posted such kind of request in the long past here, on this Forum.


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