Terry DeMoure

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We would like your feedback on how we did with your HUG 2016 Q2 Meeting you attended last Thursday, June 9th 2016 at The Hess Club.

Here are some of the survey results received at the end of the meeting:

43 survey responses:
Thank you for attending today's Houston Regional User's Group meeting.

How was the Keynote Address? 5(20) 4(9) 3(9) 2(4) 1(0)
How were the sessions you attended? 5(26) 4(16) 3(1) 2(1) 1(0)
Great(5), Good(4), Average(3), Poor(2), Unsatisfactory(1)

Which day of the week do you think we should have our HUG Quarterly Meetings?
Mon__1_ Tues_7__ Wed__6_ Thu_37__ Fri_4__

Do you prefer Panel Discussion or Roundtable Discussion to be scheduled:
__38__ after lunch _4___ before lunch

Comments about event or specific session?
- Would like to see more HCM sessions
- Heartland’s presentations were solely about hiring
- Speaker spent too much time talking about personal matters
- Brij Café One session was excellent
- Have meetings during third week of month

We invite all of you to offer your answers to these questions and/or any other critique, recommendations, comments that you may have on our most recent meeting of the HUG membership by replying to this discussion. If you were unable to attend, what were the contributing factors on your decision to not attend? What could we have done better?

You are invited to take a look at photos from the event at http://www.houstonusersgroup.org/

We hope to hear from you today.