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How can you check in JDE who has changed data in different fields



I am new to JDE, can someone please assist in advising how I would be able to see in a table who was there last and what they changed?




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If there is history tracking for the table, it is possible.

For example, the table F08042 -HR History stores all the changes happened to important fields of F060116 - Employee Master.


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Hi Jesse

Most tables will have these fields
Program ID PID, Workstation JOBN, User USER, Time UMPT, Date UPMJ. they are standard on almost all E1 tables, but they won't tell you what was changed.

For that you may want to consider your database. If you use DB2 then journaling on the AS400 will have a before and after image.
If not, then you may want to setup triggers in Oracle etc to capture a before and after image (makes things slower though)

But as Rauf says, some tables in E1 do keep a history. Sales Orders for example


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To add to this thread. There is also functionality for 21CFR Part 11. This allows a company to audit ANY table in JDE - but might cause performance (and certainly storage) issues in the production database. It was designed specifically for Life Sciences (Pharma) - but any company can implement it. However, due to bad performance on certain tables, it might be better just to set up triggers as the previous poster stated - which will do the same thing directly at the database level.

The majority of major transaction tables (sales orders, journals, etc) - are tracked by user/date/time. But there are some more "static" tables that do not provide history.