How can we hide the Payment Terms in the Sales order header screen i.e V4210


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Greeting Everybody,
How can we hide the Payment Terms field in the Sales order header screen i.e V4210.
Basically we don't want to salesman to change the payment terms in the Sales order Screen. is there any option to hide or protect this field.

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Penchal M


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The first thing I would try is to set "Column Security" for the specific users/row to something like this:

Table: F4201
Data Item: PaymentTermsCode01(PTC)
View: Y
Add: N
Change: N
Alias: (PTC)

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The payment term is there on three screens. Overview, header, and item level. You have to make this field invisible on all three screens. Check the screen numbers from the sale order screen in System > Status and match these screen numbers where you have marked the ZTERM field as invisible.

If you have maintained the payment term in customer master and marked this field as invisible in sale order still system will save the payment term in field VBAK-ZTERM. I have not tested this but I believe this is how the system should work. Please test and update,