How can I use the Table Input/Output Like command?


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Hi Gurus,

I know I've done this before (maybe 7.x) but can't seem to figure it out again. I have a field where I want to search a table (via Table I/O) for "IL-K*" where the asterisk is any of several characters. I know that in the Select I can set the compare to a "Like" (the cross between and equals and a simile) but can't seem to find the code that fetches any records.

I can see matching records in UTB, and can see in debug that the Select function has "is Like" between the left and right operands but always get SV File_IO_Status = ERROR on the Fetch.Next command.

***Note to web master **** I also tried searching for "Like" but you consider it too common of a word to search on.

Can anyone help?
Ben again,


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I think you have to append a % symbol to the value you are comparing?
So you'd need a variable with "IL-K%" in it.

I'll have a self made note/doc somewhere, but I think that's it.

You keep clicking the I/O operand until you see the = sign but you're after the one with the top bar like this ~


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Found my note :)

If you wish to perform a 'Like' in JDE table IO you need to do the following
Create a text variable and use this value for the comparison
Pad the variable either side (if needed) with % to create


In Table IO use the =~ and the padded variable to perform the command

Fetch next
You can now loop through all the records that match that search string


In a BSFN try this with the records that match everything else apart from your LIKE

0001 // And MMCU LIKE %16000
0002 // Ask if BC F5201.MMCU is LIKE %16000
0003 //
0004 Is String In String
PO 4MMCULike_DL01 -> BF szStringToFind
VA evt_LikeMMCU_DL01 -> BF szFromString
VA evt_Found_EV01 <- BF cWasStringFound
0005 //
0006 If VA evt_Found_EV01 is equal to "1"
0007 // Value was found in string
0008 Else
0009 Suppress Section Write
0010 End If