E9.2 How can I record actual labor hours using the P13714.


Hi all.

I have preventive maintenance orders to which I need to record the actual labor hours without using the P051121 program.

This I have to do through the P13714 program. At the time of reporting in the LABOR tab, the system allows me to register and create it in table F3112, but it is not reflected in table F4801. I run the R13800 report but it does not update as it does not find records in table F0911.

Through the P311221 program I saved the information in the F31122 table in such a way that the R31422 report would update the information, but apparently it does not find any information and does not perform any action.

Could someone guide me to see how I solve this problem ...

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The logic works differently depending on work order type in the document type definition. So for type 4 orders (equipment maintenance) the actual time is calculated from employee time entry and the "hours and quantities" information is ignored. For manufacturing and service management types the hours and quantities values are used. Your options are either to write your own UBE to update the F4801 and F3112 from the hours and quantities or alternatively you can do a mod to change the way type 4 orders are handled to match type 5.


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Russell is accurate if you want to get around the existing design.

Can I ask why you don't wish to use P051121? If you are concerned about it being licensed since it is System 05, your CAM license allows usage of the Standalone Time Entry applications that are part of Systems 05 and 06.