How can I generate Multiple POs for the same supplier but different Requested Dates?



I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a simple way (or even a hard way) to have the P43032 program generate multiple POs for the same supplier based on different request dates. Right now we only get a single PO generated for Supplier XYZ when exiting P3401 after answering messages. This is an issue as many of our suppliers do not prefer to have multiple requested dates on a single PO number and it also is an inconvenience to our AP team as they have to rifle through all sorts of paperwork to match and pay.

This seems like it wouldn't be the most unheard of way of doing things and I feel like there is something simple we can do to fix.



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One way that comes to mind is filter MRP Messages by Request Date, Process the messages then exit to generate Purchase Orders, then repeat for the next Request Date.


You should be able to turn off consolidation in the processing options PO tab for your MRP. This would affect all PO messages, so if you want to continue consolidation for some suppliers, I would not do this.