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How can I generate actuals against Maintencance WM's without posting to ledger?


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So I am familiar with manufacturing work orders, but just started at a company that uses maintenance work orders. Best I can tell at the moment they create a work order and then just go into revise work order and manually set the status to MJ (complete). They do not do this via any UBE so I don't believe any entries are made. They are currently entering estimated hours, but would like to enter actuals by employee or work center, so that they can run reporting on estimates vs. actuals.

My question is, how would I go about properly completing and closing these work orders? what UBE's etc. And then, is there a clever way I could configure the AAI's or the UBE's themselves so that there is no ledger impact from these labor actuals?

For reference we are running JDE E1 9.1. Doc type is WM. I know I will need to provide more detail but I'm not exactly sure what. Please let me know what else you guys need and I'll happily provide it. Thanks in advance!



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You've really got two options. Do employee time entry and then run R13800 to update actuals on the work order. This method will cause ledger records to be created although if you don't want any costs to come through you can get creative with labour rates and AAI's.

Alternatively you can manually enter actual hours on to the header.