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Hide Row..Exit...Item based on version?


I have an application with 7 versions. In the application, there is a Row exit to another application. Our users want that row exit to only show up on half of the versions for that application. Do you know how I could do this programmatically?

Kim Schmidt

Active Member
Not too difficult. First, add a processing option to the application's PO template, or create one if necessary. In this example, make the new option a character type like EV01. Then use event rules similar to this to selectively hide or show the row exit. I would usually put this in the "Post Dialog is Initialized" event:
If PO cHideStuff_EV01 is equal to "1"
Disable Control(HC R&ow Exit To Hide)
Enable Control(HC R&ow Exit To Hide)
End If

Hope this helps!
Is it inappropriate to add type 6 records to F00950 to disallow the row exit for *ALL for the selected versions from which you want the row exit removed? No programming required.


Active Member
No it is not inappropriate at all , but it is not a good way of doing it . Version level security is common and is done , but it has maintenance . I would support what Kim suggested above to have it controlled via processing option or say a udc setup or something and have it controlled that way .