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Help with Import Assistant


Recently I downgraded my IE from 11 to 8, I was able to upload documents straight from a EXCEL, at the moment it just gives me the option of Import from a CSV.

Can anyone help me out on how to fix this?



Well Known Member

This is related to IE specific activeX controls. They will be either missing or more possible in your scenario corrupted or incompatible following the 'downgrade'. Out of interest, why did you 'downgrade'. You can view the activeX components by going to Tools - Internet Options - Settings (Browser History) - View Objects. You will see some files beginning jde*. In a normal scenario if security hasn't been set too tight, the activeX controls are installed the first time you try to do an import/export. You could try deleteing the activeX controls if they are shown and try to do another import in E1.

Good luck.