Help! Simple Update Process


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Hey List,
I am wandering if someone else has had the same problem as I do. I am doing a fetch to F4311 and my File IO Status is equal to Sucess so I want to update F4311. It goes through the motion like it does update, but when I look in the file it really hasn't. I have put it in application debug and everything seems to flow fine. My key fields are the same on the fetch and update. I am trying to update the UORG qty. Does anyone have any suggestions?

F4311.Fetch Single
If SV File_IO_Status is not equal to CO ERROR

Hi Jimmy,

“Fetch Single” is “Fetch First” and it is successful even for non-unique request but Update is not. Double check did you point unique record (all five key fields mapped) in Update.

Hope this helps.

Instead of using CO Error, use equals to CO Success. Even though you did not
receive an error, there are other conditions that could occur that the logic you
are using will allow.

Ken Stern
OneWorld Developer
Andrews Consulting Group